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The RoboMaster S1 is DJI's new advanced educational robot that will open the doors to limitless entertainment and learning. Users can develop their programming skills, enjoy thrilling FPV driving with games and competition, and get familiar with AI technology. From tech enthusiasts to new, young learners, users will be able to discover the exciting world of robotics.

Advanced, Safe and Intuitive Design

With a chassis that can move in all directions, powerful brushless motors, a high precision gimbal, and interactive modes for play, competition, and programming, the S1 is designed with both fun and functionality in mind. S1 users will be able to have fun while learning to maneuver the robot, program with Scratch and Python, and compete against friends in multiplayer modes.

The S1 is equipped with 31 sensors to help map the environment around it, as well as six on its intelligent body armour. With easy to use controls, a dedicated RoboMaster app, and user-friendly menus, the S1 is made for everyone.

By using its FPV Camera and machine vision technology, the S1 can identify different objects automatically, respond and recognize sounds, and receive signals from other RoboMaster S1 units. In addition to its brushless motors, the S1 has four Mecanum wheels, each with 12 rollers that allow for omnidirectional movement and precise control.

Continue to Learn

Users looking to perform more advanced functions can write Python or Scratch 3.0 code to program unique functions including how the unit moves, to increasing torque. Users can even write their own custom programs and skills that can be used during gameplay such as "Hit and Turn Back."

The S1 encourages users to continue learning. Built into the RoboMaster app is the "Road to Mastery" an immersive course series that is created to educate S1 owners on different programming languages. Also provided is the "RoboAcademy", which offers informative video programming guides and tutorials to further introduce users to coding and robotics.

Entertaining and Interactive Modes

The S1 also features several interactive and fun competition modes. Solo Modes include Target Race and Target Practise. Multiplayer battle modes include Free-For-All and Race. To add more excitement to multiplayer battle mode, there are four Mystery Bonuses that players can use including Electromagnetic Interference, Extreme Speed, Dizziness, and Invincibility.