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DJI Matrice 30T in flight
DJI Matrice 30T In Flight

DJI MATRICE 30 SERIES | Power In Portability

The Matrice 30 by DJI combines the strengths of the Matrice 300 RTK and Zenmuse H20 series and the portability of the Mavic 2 Enterprise series drones providing an all new powerful, compact and foldable platform. Featuring multi-sensor camera units with high resolution wide angle as well as zoom cameras, combined with laser rangefinder as well as thermal imaging (M30T only).


The Matrice 30 series features a long flight time of up to 41 minutes with a top speed of 82.8 km/h. The aircraft can withstand winds up to 54 km/h. With an operating temperature range from -20° C to 50° C and a maximum service ceiling of 7000m above sea level, the Matrice 30T is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Moreover, the IP55 rating for dust and water resistance ensures that the Matrice 30T is ready for any mission no matter how the conditions are.

DJI Matrice 30T flying in the rain

Compact - Foldable Platform

Numerous inspections and public safety operations necessitate pilots' quick reflexes and the ability to fly from multiple locations in a single mission. Portability is crucial in these scenarios. The M30T is lightweight and portable, weighing only 3.77 kg. The M30T is small enough to fit inside a backpack and carry on foot when folded. The M30 provides the portability you need to get the job done, whether you're on the front lines of a developing emergency or conducting an infrastructure inspection in a remote location.

DJI matrice 30T Folded handheld
DJI Matrice 30T unfolded handheld

The DJI M30 features foldable arms and a compact design making storage and transport incredibly easy. The hinges for the arms feature an arm lock function which notifies the operator if the lock is not engaged correctly and prohibit takeoff until safe. The design eliminates the need to detach and attach payloads as well as landing gear making it easier to deploy.

Capture Everything

The DJI M30T features an integrated camera gimbal unit that features a combination of four sensors (three on the M30) similar to the Zenmuse H20T.

The sensors include a 48 MP zoom camera capable of 16x Optical zoom and 200x max hybrid zoom, a 12 MP wide angle with a field-of-view of 84°. Both visual sensors are capable of shooting highly detailed video at 4K resolution at up to 30 fps.

Also included is a Laser rangefinder that can measure accurate distances up to 1.2km away. Finally, the Matrice 30T gets a high resolution 640x512 thermal imaging camera to complete the sensor suite.

DJI Matrice 30T Camera unit

The ground and skyline are clearly visible, even at night, thanks to the FPV camera's low-light settings, so you can fly safely and confidently.

High-resolution thermal capabilities help you find hotspots and heat signatures.

Smart Low-Light Photo allows you to capture bright, clear images in low-light situations.

When you point your camera at an object, advanced sensor fusion algorithms deliver its coordinates right away.

Flight Safety

The Matrice 30 series features 360 degree obstacle avoidance with dual-vision and ToF sensors on all 6 sides of the drone. The combination of visual and infrared sensors enables the vision system to detect obstacles up to 38 meters away.

Redundant Dual IMU, Compass, GNSS and batteries ensure the Matrice 30 series is safe in all flight conditions.

The Matrice 30 series also features DJI AirSense powered by the built-in ADS-B receiver.

Flight Safety

The M30T series features 360 degree obstacle avoidance with dual-vision and ToF sensors on all 6 sides of the drone. The combination of visual and infrared sensors enables the vision system to detect obstacles up to 38 meters away.

Redundant Dual IMU, Compass, GNSS and batteries ensure the M30T series is safe in all flight conditions.

The M30T series also features DJI AirSense powered by the built-in ADS-B receiver.

A health management system monitors the status of critical components in real time, and you'll be able to perform a three-prop emergency landing if a motor or prop fails.

transmission system: OcuSync 3 Enterprise

The M30T series features the latest iteration of the OcuSync Enterprise communication system, OcuSync 3 Enterprise, which supports triple-channel 1080p video transmission and seamless switching between input feeds even in complex environments, is supported by four built-in antennas. Enhance your connection with the DJI Cellular Module, an optional 4G dongle that enables stable video transmission in difficult or remote work environments.


The M30T uses an all-new remote controller designed keeping commercial applications in mind. It features IP54 dust and water resistance and is capable of operating in extreme cold and heat -20°C to 50°C. With a long lasting internal battery as well as a hot swap compatible external battery, the RC Plus is can stay operational for long periods of time for uninterrupted flying.

DJI RC Plus IP 54 Rated
DJI RC Plus Long Range Antenna
DJI RC Plus battery arrangement

The built-in OcuSync 3.0 Enterprise system features four antennae for stable, long-distance video transmission with two of the antennae being removable. With the combined battery system, the DJI RC Plus features 6 hours of screen-on time. Featuring an incredible peak brightness of 1200 cd/m2 and a high resolution of 1080p, the DJI RC Plus ensures the information on-screen is viewable in all lighting conditons. The built-in tablet runs a customized operating system developed by DJI Enterprise to ensure optimum performance.

If you're performing search and rescue, hazmat response, or an infrastructure inspection, the last thing you want to be doing is scrambling through touch-screen menus to select a critical feature - especially if the weather makes it difficult to do so. More physical buttons than ever before are included on the DJI RC Plus, allowing pilots to develop muscle memory, quickly access important flight features, and enjoy a more seamless flight experience. Six new buttons have been added, each of which is assigned to a different function depending on which camera view is being used. Pilots can seamlessly toggle through different camera views, zoom in and out, and drop PinPoints without having to move their hands away from the control sticks with just a little practice and muscle memory.

Intelligent Flight Battery and Charging Station

To meet your mission needs, a smart, portable solution with multiple charging modes is available. The charger can charge four pairs of TB30 Intelligent Flight Batteries and one pair of RC Plus batteries at once, with each pair taking only 30 minutes to charge from 20% to 90%.

DJI TB30 Intelligent Flight Battery
DJI BS 30 Battery Charging Station

The BS30 Intelligent Battery Charging Station features three modes of charging the flight batteries. The first mode, Standard Mode, charges each pair of batteries to 100% one pair at a time. However, keeping batteries fully charged for long periods of time can be harmful to them. Furthermore, batteries charge at a diminishing rate, and the final 10% to get from 90% to 100% takes a long time. As a result, the BS30 Intelligent Charging Station provides two more charging options: Ready-to-Fly Mode and Storage Mode.

Ready-to-Fly Mode quickly charges each pair to 90%, taking less than 30 minutes per pair, and then keeps them at 90% on standby. This is ideal for first responders and emergency teams who require their drones and batteries to be ready at all times. Each pair is charged to 50% in Storage Mode. This is excellent for the battery's longevity.


The Matrice 30 Series (M30 or M30T) comes with a DJI RC Plus, two TB30 Intelligent Flight Batteries, one BS30 Intelligent Battery Station, and the aircraft storage case.


The DJI Dock provides a platform for the Matrice 30 series (dock edition) to cary out fully autonomous, repeatable missions that require very minimal operator oversight.

Designed to be deployed in remote locations that are difficult to access, each dock can house a DJI Matrice 30 or 30T dock edition aircraft that lands, recharges, takes off and carries out the mission as programmed all without any human intervention.

With a maximum wind resistance of 15 m/s 6, IP55 ingress protection, and TEC air conditioning, the M30 Series Dock Version delivers flagship-level performance in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 50°C.

Fast Charging

Fast charging and takeoff are possible thanks to TEC air conditioning, which cools the drone batteries and allows charging from 10% to 90% in just 25 minutes. The M30T can be charged and back in the air in just 25 minutes after landing. This rapid charging enables quick turnarounds and round-the-clock availability.

The Dock's internal temperature control, or air conditioning, helps to make this possible. When the drone lands, its batteries are hot and must be cooled to optimal charging temperatures. Cool air is blown through the batteries to keep them cool and maximise the efficiency of each charge.

Fully Programmable

DJI Dock operations are managed through FlightHub 2. You can use the application to set up flight plans and mission schedules, handle data storage and management and collaborate with your team on data processing. Everything from mission planning to data review can be carried out remotely. It’s an unprecedented level of cloud control and oversight for remote operations.

DJI Dock with Cloud API access that will open the platform up for third-party developers. Enterprise users will be able to develop their own solutions and integrate dock operations into existing workflows. In short, we’re giving operators full control over this game-changing capability.

Integrated Design

The DJI Dock is built with highly integrated components that vastly improve its functionality. The system has a wide-angle securtity camera for monitoring the dock itself which relays live video back to DJI FlightHub. The Dock has an integrated weather station that checks for weather conditions prior to and during flight. The dock also has an in-built LTE that provides a 4G-based transmission link between the drone and the remote controller, as well as allowing the remote controller to connect to the internet.

software | DJI Pilot 2

The Matrice 30 and the DJI RC Plus uses a brand new fully revamped, next generation of the DJI Pilot flight app dubbed DJI Pilot 2. With this update, controls for the drone and payload can be accessed with a single tap. The user experience and flight efficiency are enhanced by clear presentation of flight details and navigational information.

Seamless Integration|Better Ergonomics

The DJI RC Plus and the Pilot 2 are integral. Adjusting camera views and dropping PinPoints are just a few of the quick operations enabled by the screenside and customizable buttons.

Pre-Flight Checklist

A thorough checklist allows you to quickly confirm the aircraft's status and parameter settings, allowing you to take off with confidence.

Navigation Display

To improve safety and provide comprehensive situational awareness, an optimised interface displays your home point, PinPoints, and nearby obstacles.

Alerts and Notifications

As conditions and scenarios change, stay informed with timely alerts.

Software|DJI FlightHub 2

FlightHub 2 integrates data storage and fleet management with user-friendly tools that aid in real-time public safety and inspection operations. It provides numerous collaborative solutions that help all team members improve their situational awareness. DJI has created a powerful application that allows for improved data sharing and communication, providing mission commanders with everything they need to make better decisions and deploy resources more effectively.

Route Planning and Management

FlightHub 2 flight paths and missions are easily synchronizable with Pilot 2. Data from operations can be automatically uploaded to FlightHub 2 Media Files for centralised management and analysis.

Smart Inspection

The upgraded Live Mission Recording feature includes an improved user interface, easy task recording, and target point marking, which saves 90 percent of operation steps. Between Waypoints, the gimbal angle and photo settings can be adjusted, improving flight and mission efficiency.

Streamlined Team Communication

Communicate important information such as the team's position, drone status, mission details, and more in real time and across multiple device types, making team collaboration easier than ever.


Support multiple users to one or more drone operations at the same time, and keep teams up to date on the latest developments with low latency, high-resolution livestreaming.

live annotation

To facilitate mission management and resource distribution, highlight objects or areas of interest. For timely project alignment and task distribution, annotations are visible to ground teams, pilots, or any team member.

2.5D Base Map

FlightHub 2 includes a 2.5D Base Map for fast terrain awareness, One-Tap Panorama Sync for quick site overviews, and Cloud Mapping for quick RGB or infrared mapping.


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