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DJI Mavic 3M

See More, Work Smarter

Aerial surveying must be able to perceive the unseen. The DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral has two types of sight for this reason. To scan and assess crop growth with complete detail, DJI has combined an RGB camera with a multispectral camera. Precision and data are essential for managing agricultural produce, and the Mavic 3M drone provides both.

Multispectral and RGB Imaging System

The DJI Mavic 3M features a fully integrated imaging system that combines five different imaging sensors in one compact, foldable package. The drone has a main RGB camera that is powered by a 20MP 4/3 CMOS sensor similar to the one found on the DJI Mavic 3E. The multispectral imaging is handled by a set of 4 individual 5MP sensors that capture the following types of imagery:

  • Near-infrared (NIR)

    860 nm ± 26 nm

  • Red edge (RE)
    730 nm ± 16 nm
  • Red (R)
    650 nm ± 16 nm

  • Green (G)
    560 nm ± 16 nm

The RGB Camera has high dynamic range and incredible low light performance thanks to the 4/3 CMOS and large individual pixel size. It is equipped with a mechanical shutter that can capture images as fast as 1/2000 sec shutter speed and can do high-speed burst shooting at a mere 0.7s interval.


For light adjustment of picture data during 2D reconstruction, the built-in sunlight sensor records solar irradiance in an image file. As a result, the NDVI findings are more accurate, and the quality and consistency of data collected over time are also enhanced.

Centimeter- Level Accuracy

Mavic 3M can be used an with RTK module for location down to the centimeter. To precisely pinpoint the location of each camera's imaging center, flight control, the camera, and the RTK module sync in a matter of microseconds.

Mavic 3M can now carry out very accurate aerial surveying without the need for ground control points.

Efficiency and Reliability

Thanks to efficient propulsion and battery management, the DJI Mavic 3M can fly for 43 minutes per fully charged battery and can cover a vast area. With 100W fast charging when used with the charging hub, the Mavic 3M can be ready to fly very quick.

O3 Image Transmission System

In order to achieve 15km ultra-long transmission distances, the O3 transmission incorporates two sending signals and four receiving signals.

The O3 Transmission with quad antennas makes connections more reliable in a range of challenging conditions.

Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance

The aircraft is equipped with several wide-FOV vision sensors, which enable omnidirectional obstacle avoidance by precisely detecting obstructions in all directions. In terrains with steep slopes, terrain-follow aerial surveying is simple to use.

The terran following feature is especially useful to maintain accurate altitude above ground level with changing terrain.


Orchard Mapping

Even on steep terrain, Mavic 3M enables airborne orchard surveys using terrain-following technology. Work more safely and effectively using DJI Terra or DJI SmartFarm Platform to rebuild high-resolution orchard maps, count trees automatically, tell trees apart from other objects or barriers, and create three-dimensional operating paths for agricultural drones.

Guide Variable Rate Applications

The Mavic 3M is used to capture multi-spectral images of crops for rice fertilisation, cotton growth management, and potato foliar fertiliser application. NDVI and other vegetation indices maps, which capture variations in crop potential and produce prescription maps that enable agricultural drones to carry out variable-rate application, may then be generated by DJI Terra or the DJI SmartFarm Platform [6]. In the end, this enables users to cut expenses, boost yield, and preserve the environment.

Intelligent Field Scouting

Field reconnaissance can be done automatically with the Mavic 3M. Through a 4G network, the field scout photographs may be instantly transferred to the DJI SmartFarm Platform. It can quickly identify irregularities such emergence deficits, weed pressure, and crop lodging. It can also perform intelligent analyses, like cotton seedling identification and rice production testing, using artificial intelligence (AI) identification for real-time crop growth information sharing, agronomic activity guidance, and simple management of 70 hectares of farmland by a single person.

Environmental Monitoring and Natural Resources Survey

Additionally, environmental surveys and that of natural resources can be conducted with the Mavic 3M. These surveys might include ones of urban green spaces, distribution of forests, and water enrichment.


MSDK and CloudAPI

The Pilot 2's integrated DJI Cloud API, which is based on the MQTT protocol, enables the Mavic 3M to be directly connected to a third-party cloud platform. To enable the transfer of UAV equipment information, live streaming, photo data, and other information, it is not necessary to design a separate app.

With a production code sample that is entirely open-source, the Mavic 3M supports Mobile SDK 5 (MSDK5). For UAV field patrol, smart surveying, and other applications, the MSDK5 enables the creation of a custom control software, making it more user-friendly.



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