DJI Agras T25

A little smaller. A little smarter.

The DJI Agras T25 sets a new benchmark for compact agricultural drones, offering exceptional agility and ease of handling by a single operator. With the capacity to carry payloads of up to 20 kg for spraying and 25 kg for spreading, it proves highly adaptable to diverse agricultural tasks. Equipped with advanced features such as Front and Rear Phased Array Radars, a Binocular Vision System, and a high-resolution FPV gimbal camera, the Agras T25 ensures precise and efficient operations.

Its versatility extends to supporting various missions, ranging from surveying to spraying and spreading, making it well-suited for different terrains and agricultural requirements. In essence, the DJI Agras T25 redefines standards for compact agricultural drones, offering a potent combination of capabilities and usability.

Advanced Features

  • Heavy Payload: 20 kg spraying, 25 kg spreading
  • High Flow Rate: Spraying 16 L/min, Spreading 72 kg/min
  • Signal Stability: 2km O3 Transmission with optional DJI Relay
  • Multidirectional Obstacle Sensing: Dual Radar and Binocular Vision
  • Terrain Sensing Up to 50°
  • All Scenario Adaptability: Fully automatic or Manual operation
  • Four Sprinkler Kit: Optional to reverse directional spray during flight, flow rate of 24L/min

Upgraded Spraying System

The Dual Atomizing Spraying System of the DJI Agras T25 boasts an amazing flow rate of up to 16 L/min (2-sprinkler spraying). This system guarantees that fine spray droplets are distributed uniformly and leak-free. An extra pair of centrifugal sprinklers can be added to an operation to increase the application volumes and efficiency to a maximum of 24 L/min (4-sprinkler spraying). This improvement broadens the spraying range, boosts productivity, and increases leaf coverage, which makes it perfect for a range of agricultural uses.

Four-sprinkler spraying is possible with the DJI Agras T25 thanks to the option to add an additional pair of centrifugal sprinklers. This arrangement improves efficiency especially when flying manually, where Reverse Directional Spray makes things easier by removing the need for constant turning.

Dual Pumps:

With its dual pump, the DJI Agras T50 can reach a remarkable 24 L/min flow rate—a remarkable 100% increase over its predecessor. This improvement guarantees the capacity to satisfy the requirements of different agricultural environments, such as fields, orchards, and hot climates.

Dual Atomizing Centrifugal Sprinklers:

The DJI Agras T25 offers adjustable droplet sizes ranging from 50 to 500 μm, providing versatility to accommodate various types of chemicals and application requirements.

Redesigned Solenoid Valves:

The brand-new solenoid valves on the DJI Agras T25 ensure precision starting and stopping, effectively eliminating any possibility of leaking during operations.

Spreading System

The DJI Agras T50 introduces an upgraded spreader system, featuring a new spreader and spiral channel spinning disk, significantly enhancing spreading efficiency and consistency.

  • Enhanced Payload Capacity: With a robust 25 kg payload capacity, the Agras T50 ensures ample coverage for various agricultural tasks.
  • Uniform Spreading:

    To achieve uniform spreading, the DJI Agras T25 offers the option to switch to smaller hopper gates, enhancing accuracy at low flow rates. This feature, combined with the spiral channel spinning disk, ensures a more consistent and uniform distribution of spreading materials across the target area.

  • Real-Time Weighing: Equipped with a weighing sensor, the Agras T25 provides real-time monitoring of the remaining payload, enhancing operational efficiency and planning.
  • Effortless Maintenance: The spreader is designed for fast disassembly and cleaning, streamlining maintenance procedures for maximum uptime and performance.


With two times as many RF channels on both the front and rear Active Phased Array Radars as its counterpart, the Agras T25 guarantees increased detection accuracy. By enabling Multidirectional Obstacle Sensing, these radars work together to greatly improve operational safety.

Furthermore, the Agras T25 is equipped with two sets of Binocular Vision sensors, which enable it to precisely identify topographical features and precisely represent obstacles in fine detail. This feature ensures smooth and secure operation in demanding environments by enabling automatic obstacle bypassing and terrain following over steep slopes.


The Agras T25 eliminates the need for multiple devices by seamlessly combining aerial surveying, spraying, and spreading functionalities into a single drone. Real-time field and orchard image capture is made possible by its high-resolution FPV gimbal camera, which offers insightful information on crop health and environmental conditions.

When used in conjunction with DJI RC Plus and RTK service, the Agras T25 makes it possible to create high-definition maps that act as the basis for later automated flight paths.

The Agras T25 streamlines workflows and maximizes efficiency in agricultural operations with the simple push of a button to initiate autonomous operations.

Utilizing the advanced capabilities of DJI RC Plus and its real-time mapping features, the Agras T25 can automatically identify fruit trees and obstacles with remarkable accuracy. Leveraging this data, it seamlessly generates fully automatic 3D flight routes tailored to the precise distribution of fruit trees within the orchard. This ensures efficient and comprehensive surveying, enabling farmers and agronomists to make informed decisions for optimal orchard management.

Area Route

The DJI Agras T25's Area Route capability makes area mapping effective; it can map a 13-hectare field in ten minutes.

You can quickly survey the entire field, recognise field boundaries, and find any impediments with the help of the Area Route feature. The drone can now plan more precise flight routes thanks to this cognitive feature, which also ensures accurate data collection and wide coverage for improved agricultural management.

Boundary Route

With the DJI Agras T25's Boundary Route tool, you can quickly and effectively draw the borders of your 13-hectare field in just three minutes.

The border Route function is intended for fields with open spaces in the middle. It expedites the mapping process by quickly gathering necessary border information. With the assurance of maximum efficiency provided by this quick and accurate mapping capability, you can concentrate on confidently and easily managing your agricultural operations.


With its powerful 8-core processor and 7-inch high-brightness screen, the DJI RC Plus redefines the norm for responsive and seamless operations. By optimising flight paths to minimise miles flown with a full tank, intelligent route planning greatly increases operational efficiency. Furthermore, you have complete control over operations in manual mode, enabling accurate modifications as needed.

With an amazing transmission range of 2 km, the updated quad-antenna O3 Transmission system provides dependable access even in places without cellular coverage. Its sophisticated anti-interference capabilities guarantees excellent signal quality, which is especially helpful when operating over tall crops where signal integrity is essential.

DJI Relay

When there are tall obstructions in the way of the remote controller and drone's line of sight, the DJI Relay system comes in handy. In these circumstances, the relay can be positioned strategically to bounce the signal, guaranteeing dependable and uninterrupted real-time video delivery. By enabling pilots to keep good visibility and situational awareness while in flight, this feature improves safety and operational effectiveness in difficult terrain.

DJI Agriculture Ecosystem

Utilise multispectral data to optimise farming methods by combining the DJI Agras T25 with the new Mavic 3M to create a Smart Agriculture Ecosystem. Using precise mapping, survey your farm and create prescription maps to help with crop protection and variable rate fertilisation, reducing inputs and increasing yields. Quick field patrols can be used to spot growth stress and quickly correct problems, resulting in proactive and effective farm management.

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Ready to Fly Kit

  • T20x 1
  • T25 Battery x 2
  • Charging Station x 1
  • 2600W Cable x 2