Autel Robotics EVO Max 4T

Reach New Frontiers

The EVO Max 4T provides users with strong features and cutting-edge self-sufficiency. It analyzes intricate surroundings to generate 3D flight paths in real-time, resulting in exceptional obstacle avoidance. Its innovative sensors allow for flying in regions where GPS is not accessible, and the new thermal sensor opens up new opportunities for identifying and following objects. Despite its robust capabilities, the EVO Max 4T is also highly portable due to its foldable and weather-resistant design.

Autonomous Path Finding

The Autonomy Engine from Autel gathers environmental data from the surroundings and devises 3D flight routes through intricate settings, such as mountains, forests, and buildings. This technology has various applications, including rapid 3D scene reconstruction, public safety monitoring, industrial inspection, and land surveying.

Navigation in GPS Denied Environment

The EVO Max 4T drone boasts advanced sensors that enable it to operate in challenging conditions, where GPS may not be available. These sensors are specially designed to navigate through underground tunnels, within hardened structures, and other GPS-deprived environments with accuracy and precision.

With these capabilities, the EVO Max 4T is suitable for various applications, including search and rescue missions in disaster zones, inspection of critical infrastructure such as tunnels, mines, and pipelines, and exploration of remote locations where GPS signals may be weak or unavailable.

Object Identification and Tracking

The EVO Max 4T drone leverages Autel's advanced AI recognition technology to identify and track various types of targets automatically. This includes heat sources, moving individuals, and vehicles, among others. With this capability, the drone can efficiently perform high-altitude tracking and data collection for law enforcement agencies.

The AI recognition technology used by the EVO Max 4T enables it to accurately detect and identify targets even in challenging environments. This includes scenarios with poor lighting or obstructed views, where traditional

Ultimate Obstacle Avoidance

The EVO Max 4T drone is the sole commercial drone that merges conventional binocular vision systems with millimeter wave radar technology. This unique feature allows the Autel Autonomy Engine, installed onboard the EVO Max 4T drone, to perceive objects as small as 0.5 inches, thus eliminating blind spots and enabling the drone to operate in low-light or rainy conditions.

It should be noted, however, that the performance of the obstacle avoidance feature on the EVO Max 4T drone may differ depending on the speed of the drone, lighting, and other flying conditions. While this technology is designed to enhance safety, it is not intended to replace the responsibility of the pilot.

Anti-Interference & Anti-jam

Advanced flight control modules and algorithms are integrated into the EVO Max 4T drone to specifically counter the effects of RFI, EMI, and GPS spoofing. This feature provides enhanced confidence for the drone's operation near power lines, critical structures, and complex areas. As a result, the EVO Max 4T is able to fly safely and reliably in such environments, thanks to its advanced flight control system.

A-Mesh 1.0

The EVO Max 4T drone is equipped with the new A-Mesh system, which enables autonomous communication, connection, and collaboration among multiple drones. Unlike the traditional chain structure, the EVO Max 4T can communicate seamlessly with other drones in the vicinity, enhancing its reliability and safety.

The EVO Max 4T drone is equipped with the new A-Mesh system, which enables autonomous communication, connection, and collaboration among multiple drones. Unlike the traditional chain structure, the EVO Max 4T can communicate seamlessly with other drones in the vicinity, enhancing its reliability and safety.

If a single drone fails or exits unexpectedly, the entire A-Mesh system can self-organize and continue to relay critical information, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

The A-Mesh system also allows multiple drones to act as relay points, greatly improving BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operation effectiveness. Moreover, the A-Mesh system enables multiple drones to be controlled autonomously by a single pilot or a group of pilots simultaneously, with or without LTE coverage. Communication nodes can be placed statically on hills or poles to provide full coverage to an area. Alternatively, a swarm of drones can be deployed as mobile communication points, extending the coverage of the entire group. Overall, the A-Mesh system on the EVO Max 4T drone enhances its capabilities and flexibility for a wide range of missions.

Mission Ready Payload

The payload combines four different sensors including a wide-angle camera, a zoom camera, a thermal camera, and a laser rangefinder that can be used to get all the information needed to make important decisions. With a 50MP wide angle camera and a 48MP Zoom Camera capable of 10x Optical Zoom and 160x Max Hybrid zoom, you can capture incredible detail without having to fly too close to the asset. To compliment the visual camera system, the payload also features a 640x512 resolution thermal imaging unit capable of 16x digital zoom and a wide range for temperature measurement from -20°C to 550°C. The payload is equipped with a laser range finder as well for distance measurement up to 1.2km far.

Moonlight Algorithm 2.0 improves postprocessing and makes it possible for the pilot to take photographs that are clear and detailed despite the low light conditions.

Autel Robotics Evo Max 4T Camera unit


The Autel Enterprise App was made from the ground up for use in industry settings. It has a brand-new interface that makes it easy and quick to use. The EVO Max 4T can do more because it has more features and semi-autonomous modes.

Autel Robotics Evo Max 4T Remote Controller

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Kit Contents:

  • Aircraft   x1
  • Battery   x1
  • Gimbal Cover   x1
  • 64GB MicroSD Card   x1
  • Battery Charger & Power Cable   x1
  • Clockwise Propellers   x3
  • Counter-Clockwise Propellers   x3
  • Smart Controller V3   x1
  • Smart Controller Lanyard   x1
  • Smart Controller Cover   x1
  • Pair of Joysticks   x1
  • RC Charger   x1
  • RC Charging Cable   x1
  • Data Cable   x1
  • Rugged Case   x1
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