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Osmo Action 3 | Beyond the Edge

Take your adventures to new heights with the Osmo Action 3. The action features full-color touchscreens on the front and back for simple parameter and playback control, as well as a quick-release design for simple mounting in both the horizontal and vertical directions.

Additional advancements in battery life, waterproof capabilties, and cold resistance, there's never been a better time to take action.

Imaging that Ignites Expression


Any moment can become a highlight. Record experiences in dynamic, stunningly smooth detail at up to 4K/120fps

155° Super-Wide FOV

Opportunities are wide open. A super-wide FOV makes every scene is more enticing, immersive, and memorable.

Color Temperature Calibration

Experience true-to-life colours. Even in challenging lighting conditions, such as when scuba diving or free diving well below the surface, Action 3's colour temperature sensor intelligently adjusts white balance and AE for exceptionally realistic colours.

DJI Osmo Action 3 mountain biking

Mount Up

Secure and Efficient

Strong impact resistance for confident connections. Innovative quick-release technology from Action 3 combines a strong magnetic force with an extra positioning clip to increase impact resistance. This makes it more than capable of handling intense situations. It is also simple to separate and adaptable enough to transfer locations and attachments without delay.

Go Vertical

Mount it however you'd like. With the horizontal-vertical protective frame, you can quickly switch to vertical shooting. Simply remove it, rotate it, and then reattach it.

DJI Osmo Action 3 Helmet Mount


160-min Extended Battery Life

Battery life lasts as long as you do. Action 3 pushes the battery capacity restrictions even farther to enable 2.5+ hours of use. Document an entire experience in just one charge.

Fast Charging

Stop waiting for power. The first action camera with native fast-charging support is the Action 3. It can be powered up to 80% in about 18 minutes, which is sufficient for about two hours of shooting.

Cold-Resistant, Long-Lasting

Who’s afraid of low temps? Record continuously for up to 150 minutes in tempuratures as low as -20 °C (-4 °F). The Action 3 doesnt just deal with colder conditions. It thrives there.

DJI Osmo Action 3 Battery

A Truly Comprehensive Stabilization System

RockSteady 3.0

The most recent version of RockSteady EIS, which can successfully eliminate camera shake in all directions, is powered by a new generation of intelligent stabilisation algorithms. It allows for filming at up to 4K/120fps and offers a steady, lifelike first-person experience.


Camera shake is reduced in all directions thanks to this clever stabilisation technology, which also horizontally corrects tilt at any angle. As a result, video can stay horizontally level even during sharp drops and complete 360-degree rotations. Additionally, you may turn on HorizonBalancing, which stabilises 4K/60fps video recording and corrects horizontal tilt to within 45°.

Care-Free Creation

16m Waterproof

Let’s go deeper. Without the need for extra equipment, the camera body is fully suited for operation at depths of up to 16 metres (52 feet).

High-Strength Glass

Drop resistant and hydrophobic. High-strength Gorilla Glass was used to make the front screen, rear screen, and lens protective cover. This glass is scratch- and wear-resistant and can withstand drops of 1.5 metres. Additionally, the hydrophobic coating on these three areas efficiently repels water without compromising image quality.

Features that Just Make Sense

Dual Touchscreens

Including a front touchscreen. The front screen supports commonly used touch control functionalities and is practical for vlogging and framing selfies. No more spinning the camera around to change settings, modes, or playback videos.

The user interface adjusts as the camera is moved between a horizontal and vertical orientation. Additionally, the touchscreens are sensitive enough to be easily used with wet hands.

Dual TouchScreens

Voice Interaction

Voice Prompt

Intuitive control, even if you can’t see the screens. Short press the Quick Switch button and the camera will voice broadcast the current shooting mode. Even if the camera is installed on a helmet or other hard-to-see location, you can accurately select the required mode and be confident you’ll never miss the moment you want to record. You can even add up to five sets of custom parameters to the shooting mode list.

Voice Control

Use only your voice to remotely operate your camera. Action 3's excellent recognition rate for voice commands allows you to stay focused in situations where your hands are occupied.

Vivid Footage, Remarkable Audio

Stereo Recording

Excellent audio quality produces results that are more immersive. For more precise and focused sound recording, reception direction can be changed. Action 3's hidden microphone even muffles wind noise, providing you more audio recording confidence in windy or fast-paced environments.

DJI Osmo Action 3 with DJI Mic

Connect External Mics

Action 3 is compatible with DJI Mic, which is portable, easy to mount, and provides a transmission distance of up to 250 metres. A Type-C to 3.5mm connection can be used to attach additional external microphones to Action 3.

Make it a Webcam

Action 3 can be utilised as a webcam for more interactive communication. Switch between several perspectives with ease, and use the stereo sound for more audible conversations whether you're at a meeting, class, or just chatting with friends.

Edit, Share, and Explore

InvisiStick for Skiing

To get the most out of Action 3, download the DJI Mimo app on your smartphone. In skiing and snowboarding scenarios, it eliminates the selfie stick using cloud computing and AI algorithms, giving you breath-taking footage that looks like it has been shot by a pro.

Wi-Fi Livestream

Action 3 has several resolution options and supports livestreaming platforms. At any time, face-to-face communication with your world is possible. You may even record your livestreams.


DJI Osmo Action 3 livestreaming

Connect, Sync, and Edit Videos Easily

Action 3 and the LightCut video editor programme work together flawlessly. To create ready-to-share video edits, it can automatically choose clips and intelligently pair them with unique templates.

Loaded with Templates

Pick from a variety of fun templates made for fast-pace footage. You can easily access amazing edits of diving, skiing, or bicycling.

One-Tap Editing

For quick, practical footage previews, LightCut enables a direct connection with Action 3. After you've finished shooting, just let AI produce 4K HD videos of your best moments.

Comprehensive Accessories, Endless Functionality

Horizontal-Vertical Protective Frame

It allows quick changes between horizontal and vertical mounting positions and shields the camera from bumps. It conveniently integrates with the 1.5m Extension Rod Kit and Adhesive Base Kit to provide countless mounting and viewing possibilities.

Multifunctional Battery Case

Stores two microSD cards and three batteries. Intelligently fast charges three batteries; when combined with those batteries, it works as a power bank for charging other devices, such as a smartphone.

DJI multifunctional battery case for Action 3
Extension Rod Kit for DJI Osmo Action 3

1.5m Extension Rod Kit

Selfies and other unique shots are simple to take with the help of this extension rod, which is lightweight, portable, and adjustable from 0.3 to 1.5 metres. The bottom 1/4" threaded hole enables accessory expansion for more versatile applications.

Osmo Action Biking Accessory Kit

Feautures the Osmo Action Handlebar Mount and Osmo Action Chest Strap Mount to mount your camera to your chest or handlebars, enabling you to focus on your ride and stay in the moment.

Osmo Action Diving Accessory Kit

For underwater creation at depths of up to 60 metres, this kit includes the Osmo Action 3 Waterproof Case, Locking Screw, DJI Floating Handle, and Anti-Fog Inserts, offering a safer and more adaptable underwater shooting experience.

Creative Essentials


The dual-channel wireless microphone system from DJI offers superior audio recording capabilities for a clearer, more lifelike sound that gives your movie a new depth.

Floating Handle

Features an ergonomic grip that is also anti-slip. Since the camera is kept above water by its hollow design, you may take pictures without worrying that it will sink. It is simple to detach the universal port and attach it to the waterproof case.

Osmo Action 3 Floating Handle
Osmo Action 3 Waterproof Case

Waterproof Case

Enables divers to explore and take pictures with greater flexibility by offering waterproof protection at depths of up to 60 metres.

Chest Strap Mount

Creates a first-person perspective that is totally immersive. adjustable camera tilt angle, comfortable to wear.

Chest Strap Mount for DJI Action 3

Handlebar Mount

Provides a 360° rotating view for framing from various angles. Without the use of any tools, mounting it is simple. Since the tube diameter may be changed, it works with a variety of models.

Handlebar Mount for DJI Action 3

Suction Cup Mount

There is a twin ball-joint design that is adjustable and allows for 360° of sideways rotation. It has a strong suction force that supports cycling scenarios and does not harm or have an impact on the surface it is attached to.

Helmet Chin Mount

Delivers an amazing first-person viewpoint with a camera mounting position that, even over rough terrain, replicates the user's line of sight. It fits a wide range of various helmets and is simple to put together and take apart.


Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo

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