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The Matrice 30 series comes with a brand-new remote controller that was created with commercial applications in mind. It has an IP54 dust and water resistance rating and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C. The RC Plus can stay operational for long periods of time thanks to a long-lasting internal battery as well as a hot swap compatible external battery.

For stable, long-distance video transmission, the built-in OcuSync 3.0 Enterprise system has four antennae, two of which are removable. The DJI RC Plus has a screen-on time of 6 hours when using the combined battery system. The DJI RC Plus ensures that the information on-screen is viewable in all lighting conditions thanks to its incredible peak brightness of 1200 cd/m2 and high resolution of 1080p. To ensure optimal performance, the built-in tablet runs a customised operating system developed by DJI Enterprise.

You don't want to be scrambling through touch-screen menus to select a critical feature if you're performing search and rescue, hazmat response, or an infrastructure inspection, especially if the weather makes it difficult to do so. The DJI RC Plus has more physical buttons than ever before, allowing pilots to develop muscle memory, access important flight features quickly, and enjoy a more seamless flight experience. Six new buttons have been added, each with a different function depending on which camera view is used. With a little practise, pilots can seamlessly switch between camera views, zoom in and out, and drop PinPoints without having to move their hands away from the control sticks.