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Enhanced Performance

Equipped with a robust processor boasting improved CPU and GPU performance, the DJI RC 2 ensures a seamless and intuitive control experience during every flight, with ultra-smooth app and system operation.

Next-Gen Video Transmission

The DJI O4 video transmission technology in DJI RC 2 supports 2.4GHz, 5.1GHz, and 5.8GHz frequency bands, delivering enhanced anti-interference capabilities. When paired with O4-compatible drones like the DJI Air 3, DJI RC 2 achieves HD low-latency video transmission up to 20km.

Strong Signal Strength

Featuring a 2T4R system with two built-in and two external antennas, DJI RC 2 doubles both transmitter and receiver antennas compared to its predecessor. This results in improved signal strength and enhanced transmission performance, ensuring smooth control and safer flights.

High-Resolution FHD Screen

DJI RC 2 boasts a built-in 5.5-inch 1920x1080 Full HD screen, capable of maintaining 700 nits of high brightness for clear visibility even in bright conditions.

Ample Storage

With 32 GB of built-in storage, DJI RC 2 allows for direct screen recording and caching, while also supporting microSD card expansion for additional storage options.

Lightweight and Portable

Despite its advanced features, added antennas, and active-cooling design, DJI RC 2 weighs only 420 grams, ensuring a comfortable grip and effortless control during extended use.


  1. Check local laws and regulations before using the product in specific countries or regions.
  2. Communication range data is based on measurements taken in an outdoor, interference-free environment, with FCC compliance. Always heed app reminders during your flight.
  3. The actual available storage space is approximately 21 GB.
  4. Weight measured using a production model DJI RC 2 in a controlled test environment, provided for reference purposes.