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DJI Dock 2: Designed for Remote Operations

DJI Dock

  • Dock Body x 1
  • Wind Speed Gauge Model x 1
  • Expansion Bold x 4
  • Ethernet Cable Connector x 1
  • Power Cable Connector x 1
  • Wire Ferrule x 6
  • Matrice 3D Aircraft x 1
  • CW Propellers (Pair) x 1
  • CCW Propellers (Pair) x 1
  • Batteries and Controller are not included (can be purchased separately) 

The advanced DJI Dock 2 effortlessly deploys DJI Matrice 3D Series drones with enhanced capability and security. With a 68% lighter and 75% smaller design, it ensures easy transport, rapid setup, faster charging, and robust IP55 weather resistance. Equipped with dual RTK antennas and internal and external cameras, it enables precise positioning and environmental awareness, facilitating quick, safe, automated missions. Together with DJI Matrice 3D and 3TD drones, Dock 2 streamlines unattended operations.

Seamless Deployment | Ready for Action

Compact and Lightweight: The DJI Dock 2 is significantly smaller and lighter than its predecessor, allowing for easy transport and flexible installation with just two individuals, reducing costs and enhancing convenience.

Efficient Site Assessment: Prior to deployment, the aircraft utilizes vision sensors to assess the surrounding environment, accelerating site selection from hours to minutes by quickly determining the presence of strong GNSS signals.

Durable | Dependable | Energized

IP55 Protection: Designed for durability, DJI Dock 2 boasts an IP55 rating for dust and water resistance, ensuring steady operation in harsh conditions.

Integrated Weather Monitoring: With multiple sensors, including rainfall and wind speed gauges, Dock 2 provides real-time weather updates. Coupled with online weather forecasting via DJI FlightHub 2, it minimizes flight risks by issuing timely warnings or halting flights if necessary.

Enhanced Landing Precision: Utilizing advanced image recognition, the aircraft accurately identifies positioning markers on the landing pad, while a new slide-ramp centering design ensures precise landings.

Built-In Backup Power: In case of a power outage, DJI Dock 2 features a built-in backup battery, allowing it to operate autonomously for over five hours, providing ample time for the aircraft to return and land safely.

Regular Maintenance: With its exceptional protection and reliability, DJI Dock 2 only requires maintenance approximately every six months.

Emergency Notifications: In the event of task failures or emergencies, DJI FlightHub 2 sends email notifications, enabling operators to promptly trace and troubleshoot issues.

DJI Matrice 3D Series | Elevating Aerial Operations

The innovative DJI Matrice 3D/3TD is tailor-made for DJI Dock 2. The Matrice 3D features a tele-camera and a wide-angle camera for high-precision mapping, while the 3TD variant includes additional infrared capabilities for security and inspection tasks.

Steady Performance | Unmatched Efficiency

Swift Takeoff: DJI Dock 2 integrates dual RTK antennas for accurate RTH location information and performs a full propeller inspection, enabling takeoff in just 45 seconds.

Rapid Charging: With efficient charging capabilities, DJI Dock 2 powers the aircraft from 20% to 90% in only 32 minutes.

Dual-Camera Surveillance: Equipped with internal and external fisheye cameras, DJI Dock 2 provides real-time monitoring inside and outside the dock, facilitating remote observation of weather conditions and flight operations.

Cloud-Based Control | Maximum Flexibility

Cloud Mapping: Using collected flight data, DJI FlightHub 2 generates high-precision 3D models, which can be annotated, measured, and downloaded for detailed analysis.

Flight Path Editing: Operators can visually edit flight routes and preview simulated imaging results using high-precision 3D models, streamlining operations and enhancing planning accuracy.

AI Spot Check: By framing a specific area within the 3D model, the aircraft automatically adjusts the camera angle for precise capture across multiple flights.

FLYTO Tasks: DJI FlightHub 2's FlyTo tasks utilize 3D models to plan optimal flight routes. Operators can simply select a destination, and the aircraft will navigate efficiently and safely.

Remote Control: Even in remote areas, operators can control flight and camera angles via keyboard and mouse using DJI FlightHub 2 or other cloud platforms.

Obstacle Avoidance: During automated flight tasks, the aircraft utilizes omnidirectional obstacle sensing and automatic obstacle bypass functions to improve task success.

DJI Dock 2: Redefining Aerial Operations