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In The Box:

  • OM4 x1
  • Magnetic Ring holder x1
  • Magnetic clamp x1
  • Soft Carrying Case x1
  • Grip Tripod x1
  • Magnetic Ring Holder Template x1
  • USB-C Cable x1
  • Wrist Strap x1

Eliminate shaky smartphone footage with the DJI OM4, a perfect tool to improve the camera of smartphones of today. Featuring a compact, foldable design and a magnetic quick release mount, the OM4 is the best companion for creating memorable moments using your smartphone.


The OM4 has a high-strength magnetic quick-release mount for your phone making mounting quick and easy making sure you are always ready to capture life's moments whenever needed. Perfect for shooting on-the-go. The OM4 automatically goes into standby mode when the phone is detached to prevent damage to the gimbal as well as to save power.

Magnetic Ring Holder

One of the mounts included in the kit is the magnetic ring holder which can be attached to your smartphone using the included adhesive pads. Use the included template to position the mount perfectly on your phone and eliminate the need to balance the gimbal every time the phone is attached. The ring can be folded down to sit flush with the mount making it low-profile. This mount is convenient for heavy users who would need the OM4 ready to go in just moments.

Magnetic Phone Clamp

Also included in the kit is a sleek, ultra-light, thin magnetic phone clamp designed to attach to most smartphones of today. The magnetic phone clamp is removable and adjustable and designed to hold phones upto 10mm thick and upto 84mm wide. The magnetic phone clamp keeps the phone secure while the OM4 is in use. 


Take the OM4 anywhere thanks to the sleek, foldable design. The OM4 weighs only 390 grams and measures 163×99.5×46.5 mm when folded. With Standby Mode, even when the unit is folded, operators can still use their mobile app, so that you can start shooting at a moment's notice.


The OM4 delivers a super-smooth, balanced image with a 3-axis gimbal which effectively reduces shaky video. A lightweight, ultra-responsive architecture adjusts to your actions in real time, allowing you to focus more on capturing the moment



Flashlight mode 

A newly installed sensor lets OM 4 understand the gestures and change the orientation automatically, making shots at low angles simpler than ever before. 

Standby Mode 

Need to take a call while shooting? Simply detach the phone from the OM4 thanks to the quick release mount and the gimbal goes into standby mode to protect the gimbal and to avoid unnecessary battery drain. To resume, simply attach the phone back to the OM4 and press the M button. 

One Handed Operation 

The OM4 has convenient buttons and useful funtions that makes the OM4 incredibly easy to make videos while holding the OM4 with one hand. You can now move around more freely while capturing the right shot. 

Quick Roll 

Shoot videos in portrait or landscape mode with just the touch of a button. Simply press the M button twice quickly to switch between the two orientations. The DJI Mimo app will automatically rotate all on-screen elements as well as the video as per phone orientation.


Active Track 3.0 

Powered by advanced algorithms that use deep learning and computer vision, the OM4 can accurately track the subject it is locked on to. To lock on a target, simply press the trigger button or select the subject on the screen. Active Track can also be activated and locked using gestures. 

Story Mode 

Story mode on the OM4 is a video recording method that allows you to make short films with a single tap. Using a combination of preset shooting patterns and camera motion, Story mode lets you create high quality videos whenever you want. Special filters and soundtracks make your footage unique. Story Mode keeps the videos short to share on social media easily. 

Dynamic Zoom 

Add dramatic effects to your video à la Hitchcock with Dynamic Zoom on the OM4. Simply select the subject and move in the direction prompted in the app to create a stunning Dolly Zoom effect. 

CloneMe Pano 

Be in multiple places in one frame thanks to the CloneMe Pano. The CloneMe Panorama feature on the OM4 automates the panorama capture while pausing after each shot to give you time to relocate yourself in the frame. The final panoramic image is automatically stitched together by the software.

Gesture Control

Go is hands-free when taking a selfie or a group photo with Gesture Control. The OM 4 can be operated remotely with a simple gesture. Shooting a picure or video has never been easier.



Rotate your phone while shooting video to create impressive shots. 

Timelapse Mode

Create stunning short videos that speed up movement of elements on the screen to create a visuals with the touch of a few buttons


Add motion to your Timelapse shots to cover more area and to add a cinematic effect to the end result.


Combine the power of inbuilt Electronic Image Stabilization in today's smartphones with the 3-axis stabilization of the OM4 to create Hyperlapse videos with ease. With ActiveTrack 3.0 in Hyperlapse mode, the OM4 can track the subject as you move along creating a unique video experience.

Panorama Mode

Capture images that are wider than what your phone camera allows using the Panorama Mode with 240° Pano and 3x3 Pano modes.

The 240° Pano mode can be used with Gestures or countdown timer to create panorama shots automatically.

3x3 Panorama

Create Super-Wide angle shots with the 3x3 Pano feature. The OM4 takes 9 separate pictures in a 3x3 grid to capture the entire scene and combines them together into one frame.