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DJI RC Pro was designed for professional aerial photography due to its powerful performance. Because of its latest-generation processor and expanded storage capacity, RC Pro runs on a stable and smooth system. Built with powerful O3+ video transmission technology, the RC Pro also supports the DJI Cellular Transmission Dongle for 4G communication and uses the same control stick design as the DJI FPV for more precise manoeuvring. The DJI RC Pro elevates the flight experience by providing unrivalled control.

Video Transmission

The DJI RC Pro is equipped with O3+ video transmission technology, which can send a 1080p/60fps live feed from up to 15 km away with a latency as low as 120 ms. A 2T4R high-gain antenna system improves signal coverage while also ensuring stable and smooth signal transmission.

4G Support

With the DJI Cellular Transmission Dongle installed, the DJI RC Pro can operate on 4G signals, allowing for stable communication even when the drone is flying in urban areas, dense forests, and other challenging environments. O3+ transmission works in tandem with the 4G system and seamlessly switches to ensure a smooth shooting experience while in flight.

High Brightness Screen

The DJI RC Pro features a 5.5-inch 1080p screen with an average brightness of 1000 nits. This long-lasting, high-bright display is ideal for its Outdoor mode, which automatically enhances shadow details for a clear display even in direct sunlight.

High Performance

The DJI RC Pro is outfitted with the most recent-generation processor, which provides improved performance while consuming less power. This results in 4x better CPU performance, 7x better GPU performance, and a 20% reduction in power consumption over its predecessor. DJI RC Pro introduces a more durable, stable, and smooth system that simply improves flying.


DJI RC Pro supports the Wi-Fi 6 protocol, which allows you to download photos and videos from the aircraft at speeds of up to 80 MB/s.