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Get more out of your Osmo Pocket with the Expansion Kit.

Use the controller wheel to pan and tilt the camera with precision, making shooting easy and flexible. The wheel module has buttons to change shooting mode and quick re-centering of the gimbal.

Add compatibility for other camera accessories to use in different shooting scenarios. Provides a solid mounting bracket for the Osmo Pocket.

Add Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities to the Osmo Pocket with the Wireless Module to connect your mobile devices for seamless remote control and flexibility in shooting. The wireless adapter also provides a flat base to set the Osmo Pocket on a desk or similar flat surface. USB-C Port can be used to charge the Osmo Pocket.

Kit Contains:

Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel × 1
Osmo Pocket Wireless Module × 1
Osmo Pocket Accessory Mount × 1
32GB Samsung microSD Card × 1