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Spark owners can now take advantage of the full power of their Spark's powerful, stabilized camera and gimbal from the ground with the PolarPro Katana for the DJI Spark. With the Spark attached to the Katana, users can capture incredible footage on the ground, and in tight or difficult to fly in environments with full control in the palm of their hand. The kit includes the PolarPro Mobile Phone Mount so that users can have a convenient view of what they are shooting. The PolarPro Katana - DJI Spark Tray is sure to unleash the full potential of the powerful DJI Spark. 

In the Box
  • Katana Tray ×1
  • Spark Harness ×1
  • Phone Mount ×1

Package Size: 28 x 11.43 x 4 cm
Weight (with Packaging): 510 g 
Weight of Katana only: 170 grams